The sacred ritual of crystal combing

Body combing is an ancient Chinese self-healing practise that helps to release trapped energy in the body’s meridian lines. Our body has 12 major meridian channels that start at the crown of the head.

Gently combing and stimulating these 12 major channels helps to detoxify the body by boosting circulation, lymphatic drainage and shifting trapped lymph that causes water retention. It also helps to reduce stress and tension held in the body by activating parasympathetic nervous system. (The body’s destress switch).

Metaphysically each crystal holds its own vibration. As for which one is right for you. It’s about whichever one feels right.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and is known to instil feelings of self-love and worth, Clear Quartz is the stone of wisdom and intuition. Amethyst is a powerful stone for calming and soothing the mind, helping you to restore a sense of peace and balance. Black Obsidian is the stone of protection. It is a powerful cleanser of negative energy.

The practise can be completed in less than 4 minutes in the shower, ideally daily or as a pre shower or bath ritual for greater relaxation.

Ensure you have some slip on the skin either with water in the shower or body oil.

Its important to follow the energy flow of each meridian. Start at the neck, taking the comb down and out to the side of each shoulder. Move to the chest area and work the comb from the middle of your breastbone and out to each side. Moving to the limbs and work the comb down the outside of each limb, then up the inside, doing 4-6 strokes per area or until whenever feels right.  

Seal your sacred practise with a mantra or positive affirmation. Using essential oils will also help to amplify the process of clearing and balancing the bodys energy channels.

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"The crystal combing ritual is truly incredible. I am a busy mum of 3 and rarely have time to give my body the nourishment and selfcare that i need. Being able to perform this ritual on myself in my own home in under 5 minutes is just what i need - Thank you Kindred".

Emilia Dunn