Face Oil Serum - Organic Argan and Prickly Pear Oil

SKU: YY1022


Serenity Face Oil with Organic Argan & Prickly Pear Oil.

What: Hydrating | Anti-ageing | Suitable for: Sensitive Skin | Dry

A lightweight face oil that hydrates the skin and provides protection against free radical damage with its high concentration of Vitamin E and Argan Oil.

Prickly Pear Oil is rich in tocopherols and omega-6 fatty acids that nourish and protect the skin, while amino acids and antioxidants stimulate collagen and improve skin elasticity. Q10 & Acai Berry both contain powerful antioxidants that will work on protecting the skin. ⁠

30ml | 1.01 fl.oz

 RITUAL: Place 3-5 drops on your palms and press over the face & neck. Use morning & night.

INGREDIENTS: *Argan Organic Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Vitamin E - Natural, Coenzyme Q10. *Denotes Certified Organic

CAUTION: Patch test before use. Store below 30°c. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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